Frequently asked questions

Are Neobux Hacks safe to use?

Our Referral Injector and Money Adder are malware free, but there are many fake hacks for Neobux which do contains viruses. If in doubt, scan with an online antivirus scanner such as Virustotal.

Will I be banned?

Neobux Hacks are fully undetectable because the referrals are taken from existing accounts which signed up from search engines. They are real people and nobody has ever been banned for using the Generator. You may be banned for the Money Adder, but it usually takes Neobux systems a few weeks to notice, giving you more than enough time to cash out and make a new account. We suggest creating throw-away accounts if you want to use the money

How much can I earn?

Assuming you are injecting the maximum number of referrals allowed into your account:

After a week you should be earning $2/day
After a month you should be earning $10/day
After the second month you should be earning $50/day